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Humira VS. Remicade

Hello all! I know it's been a bit, but I wanted to keep you all updated on my current condition. So far, all is well. I started the Humira and all went well, but I wanted to share some information with you that I picked up on my journey to this state.

The big thing is I discovered the reason why the Remicade was rejected by my body. It lies in what DNA makes up the medication. Both Humira and Remicade are drugs that are given by some form of injection. Humira through a shot, Remicade through IV infusion. But the make up has one big difference, besides the amounts that are given in a dose. Humira is made entirely out of human DNA (which you can guess from the name). Remicade, however, is made out of human DNA and mouse DNA. Yes. Mouse, as in mice.

As you can guess, my body rejected the mouse DNA and this is what triggered the allergic reactions. As you know, I'm now off of the Remicade and Humira is the new routine.

The first dose was actually a lot easier to take than I thought. Now that I have my first dose (four injections) behind me, I realize it's not as traumatizing as I thought it would be.

I'm not going to lie. When the medicine went in, it stung. It hurt quite a bit. But this was the drug going into the skin, not the needle. The needle was actually very fine and I barely felt it as it went in. Let's put it this way. As the first injection was going in, my reaction was somewhat like this...

"Hey, this isn't so bad...oh that stings a bit...oh ow, ow, oww, oww, OWW!"

Once the needle was out, the stinging subsided. But now I know what to expect, it's no big thing. I can numb the injection area with an ice pack first and it helps the bring down the stinging of the drug. I have no qualms about doing my next set of injections myself in two weeks. I haven't had any negative reactions to the Humira either. Not even the bit of a flu bug which my nurse said might show up. The only reaction I've had is this...


A bruise from one of my injection sights. Not too horrid.

So all in all, the transition to Humira has being going rather well. I wish I had more to report, but this is pretty much it for the moment. Until next time everyone, take care!


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